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Catrin Bolt, Statue Hugging, since 1999
Innumerable statues and monuments populate our towns and the countryside. Depending on the epoch, positioning and person concerned we look up to them or past them, wreaths are laid at their feet or photographs are taken of them. Catrin Bolt comes close to the people turned into stone or bronze. She is not interested in what they stand for, but in the body in itself. Handsome breasts and well-developed muscles are caressed, sensual lips are kissed and dicks are mouthed. Since 1999 Catrin Bolt has been "hugging" statues, giving the figures their bodies back, bodies that otherwise only stand to mediate for ideals, propaganda and memory. The brief interventions, which are captured on camera, have been held, alongside Austria, in Rome, in Belgrade and in Los Angeles. The series is to be continued. In 2001 Bolt was the winner of the make art public student competition organised by Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich with the video clip on show in the exhibition.

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