Die Heimwehtropfen (Roman Britschgi, Klaus Gölz and Jörg Reissner), Arrangement On Their Lowest Common Denominator, The Stage, 2009
"'Three artists, an Italian, a German and a Swiss man, attempt to develop a collaborative work…' What starts out like a joke soon becomes a clash of different approaches and different motives. Making music together has been a natural thing to do for years. There is a necessity for the different instruments, the different talents to supplement one another. But how and where can we make a collaborative point, and find a form? And in the first discussion we notice that we are already stuck in the midst of small-scale political negotiations where interests are weighed against one another to find shared solutions. It is the stage that links us when we are standing on it. And so we can also only reference a stage, a relatively neutral place of assembly for shared experiences, to make decisions, to act" (Klaus Gölz).
The stage by Roman Britschgi, Klaus Gölz und Jörg Reissner, which draws on the public square design in Kirnberg an der Mank by Johann Moser, was used for a performance by the Heimwehtropfen (The Homesickness Drops) at the beginning and at the end of the exhibition. In the days in-between their instruments served to fill the space and as an invitation to visitors to join this stage community.

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