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Daniel Domig, I Hated All Things, 2009
Only at the first fleeting glance do the large shelf and the table by Daniel Domig create the impression of a sitting room situation. Provisionally put together, the furniture is more reminiscent of a pathologist's workspace. Placed meticulously on the shelf, ceramic objects that blur between figurative and amorphous forms are both stored and simultaneously on display. The table, which stands ready for dissection, becomes a shelter for a figure who has withdrawn beneath it. Her innards to not consist of organs but of books, the body becomes an archive. The subject of death is the connection for Daniel Domig with the work by Clegg & Guttmann at Krems Jewish cemetery, but also the question of how to deal with it. The attempt at documentation, the analysis and archiving encounters the feeling of powerlessness in the face of personal loss — "I hated all things, hated the very light itself; and all that was not he was painful and wearisome, save on my tears" (Augustine, Confessiones).

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