tat ort, Shift, 2009
The group tat ort, who work with interdisciplinary projects on the crossover between art, architecture and urbanism, reacted to the work Garten in the Regierungsviertel of St. Pölten by Franziska and Lois Weinberger, who have been addressing marginal zones and the apparent uselessness of the niches and gaps in our consumer society for decades. A wall blocked the main entrance to the exhibition, and only on coming closer could a wedge be discovered that raised the wall from its foundations and created small gaps around the edges, through which people could peep into the space behind it. A projected image of a feather in free fall invited further associations. The group tat ort invited visitors "To Shift" — to change their location, and consequently their viewpoint. Not only did the wall move, the visitors had to stretch or duck to reach the gaps. Public art can shift and open up new arenas in the landscape, the history and traditionally regional ways of looking, acting like a wedge.

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