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Motmot, To Be Continued, 2009
The culture metre by Wolfgang Hilbert, the light piece by Iris Andraschek, the abstract sculpture by Heimo Zobernig and the cat by Karin Frank bear neither formal similarities nor are they similar in terms of content, they were also completed at different times and all stand in different contexts. Steve Reeder of Motmot selected them for the design of the poster for the exhibition To Be Continued according to purely graphic criteria: symmetry, symbolism and recognition value. Reduced on the computer to silhouettes, these sculptures not only lost their volume but also any relationship to their original location. The shapes themselves and their impact in combination with other shapes became the primary factor. Steve Reeder printed the motifs in collaboration with Anna Breitenberger in innumerable combinations. The screen printing process and the multiple layers of colour produce new colours each time, while the motifs continue from poster to poster, inviting guesswork and recognition.

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