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In their selection for the poster Motmot progressed according to purely formal criteria, while Nicolas Mahler looked for the absurd aspects of public art, finding them in Percent for Art projects and roundabouts. The artist group tat ort selected a reduced architectural realisation for the "rambling" work by Franziska and Lois Weinberger, while Anna Artaker rejected the brief and worked instead on a core point in the reception of public art. The Heimwehtropfen copied the public square design by Johann Moser according to their own ideas and used it as a stage, while Daniel Domig drew on the subject of death in the work of Clegg & Guttmann and contrasted the social treatment with an expanded painterly installative engagement with individual despair. Alongside the works completed specifically for the exhibition, also on show were Catrin Bolt's performative interventions beginning in 1999 and continuing to the present day around monuments and statues in public space.

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