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To Be Continued.
A Series on Public Art in Lower Austria.

How can one make an exhibition on public art in an exhibition space as a venue, instead of being in public space, that is not documentary and so seems doomed to failure as a contradiction in terms? How does one create a thread running between public and institutional space, with the different relevant frameworks, rules and conditions of reception they provide? How do you allude to the quantity and density of the subject matter of the works in public space that have been completed over the last years in Lower Austria while still providing artists with an opportunity to complete new works in the context of an exhibition? From these basic thoughts came the idea to make permanent works realised through Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich to date the starting point for new works for an indoor venue. To Be Continued revolves around the invited artists' view, the view from outside of public art, the challenges it poses and its potential. At the same time the newly completed works provide insight into the artists' premises and working methods in a context of the selection and the approach to the works being referenced as well as the execution. Artists and groups are deliberately invited who work with such varied media as comic strip drawing, architecture, graphic design, music and art, and who still have yet to complete a permanent work in public space in Lower Austria. The aim is also to renew and expand the visitors' view of the existing works and the locations they are anchored to.

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