ERINNERUNG.EREIGNIS.KUNST. Geschichte und Gedenkkultur in Erlauf seit 1945

May 12 – September 28 2012, Municipal office, Erlauf
Melker Straße 1, 3252 Erlauf

Curator: Johanna Zechner
Co-curator: Remigio Gazzari
Design: Uli Marchsteiner (umd/c)

On May 8 1945, US-Army Major General Stanley E. Reinhart and Major General Dmitrii A. Drichkin of the Red Army met in a private residence in Erlauf, Lower Austria. They celebrated V.E. day, the allied victory over Hitler’s troops in Europe. This event was the first official meeting of Soviets and Americans on Austrian soil. After a later famous handshake one minute after midnight, the war in Europe was over.
This historical event became the starting point for decades of academic and artistic examination contributing to the formation of Erlauf’s specific identity as a “Community of Peace”. For the first time, this exhibition is presenting and documenting this debate on memory, conflict and the history of the region.