public art transeuropa

From October 2002 to January 2003 several curators presented European projects and models from the field of art in public space at the A9 forum transeuropa. This six-part series of exhibitions and lectures entitled public art transeuropa also constituted the opening programme of the A9 forum transeuropa, an exhibition space accommodated in quartier 21 of Vienna’s Museumsquartier with a programme whose content was intended to be determined alternately by the various Austrian Federal States. The starting point was the book presentation of the sixth volume in the series Öffentliche Kunst (Public Art), which was connected to a review of the last two years of art projects in the public space of Lower Austria. Furthermore public art transeuropa was an attempt to do justice to the ‘transeuropean’ objectives of the exhibition space by showing not only photographs of selected works from Lower Austria, but also a comparative view of art in public space in other European countries.

First of all Cornelia Offergeld presented the programme of the Amsterdam foundation SKOR, which works together with artists to examine social issues in a highly focused way. Susanne Neuburger then showed how Romanian artists make use of the field of the printed media and integrate their work into everyday life without any institutional support. Brigitte Huck invited the Nordhorn Foundation, which has managed to implement transregional projects between Germany and Holland as part of an internationally renowned programme. Hedwig Saxenhuber presented the participatory project So wohnen wir by the artist Pia Lanzinger, as well as a curatorial project from France which is characterised by the collaboration of citizens, commissioners and mediators. Presenting work by Czech artists, Wolfgang Denk offered an insight into art in public space against the background of socialist realism.

Concept: Katharina Blaas, Cornelia Offergeld