Performance programme "FLUTEN" in the context of the opening, 17 September 2022,
15.00 to 16.00:

Malek Gnaoui & Markus Hiesleitner,
Wunderkorb, Bicycle sound performance, 2020/21/22

Malek Gnaoui and Markus Hiesleitner combine questions of mobility with the experience of new habits of hearing by remodeling a bicycle into a mobile sound installation. For this purpose, Markus Hiesleitner even learned the technique of willow weaving. This craft has a long tradition in the Oberweiden region, which is one of the areas that the stretch of the ICT (Iron Curtain Trail) where the performance takes place runs through. The two artists reinterpret the project Wunderkorb (Miracle Basket) for the unfenced border between Austria and Slovakia along the Danube bike path between Vienna and Bratislava. Stories, some of them tragic, are collected in baskets along the border. They are then carried in these baskets on the Danube bike path in both directions. The artistic collaboration between Malek Gnaoui (born 1983, lives in Tunis) and Markus Hiesleitner (born 1981, lives in Vienna) has been dubbed Wunderkorb 1694, and it contains a collection of sound recordings that acoustically follow the streams of migration between Tunisia and Vienna. Locals and visiting cyclists are invited to put their heads in the “sound bonnets” woven out of willows with sound systems in them and delve into foreign or perhaps familiar soundscapes.

Artists for Future, Fahnenmeer, Signs of protest/procession, 2022

“We Artists for Future (Austria) are part of the Fridays for Future alliance. We work together with numerous other alliances and environmental groups to promote climate policies that take the necessary and adequate steps now to achieve a carbon-neutral economy on Earth and to ensure that the Paris Climate Agreement is finally and effectively implemented. The report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that was recently published makes it clear that it is high time for this.
We want to make an artistic stand of protest with a sea of flags at future global climate strikes. We are therefore reconnecting with activist art traditions that raise public awareness of political and social issues through art.
The climate crisis and Covid-19 pandemic have shown us that the massive exploitation of the Earth’s resources has crossed critical tipping points. We need to realize that humans and nature cannot be separated into subject and object, and that a good life for all can only be achieved in a symbiotic relationship of exchange that is advantageous for both sides.” (Stella and Peer Bach, project initiators Artists for Future)

Milan Loviška, Corpus extinctum, 2022

Milan Loviška, (c) Territorium KV 2050
Once again, it is time to move for your life! In his latest solo work, Milan Loviška inverts himself into a theoretical body that no longer exists, has never existed, or can no longer exist. He contracts muscles to bridge the abyss between his physical paradox and the neural pathways of the audience standing around him. On and around the installation Grandstand 8. Greetings from Bruce Nauman to Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf by Ilona Németh, he takes his own position, standing opposite or behind, in favor or against, living or dead—or he simply does a handstand.

Milan Loviška is a transdisciplinary artist who focuses on performance, painting, installation, video, and new technologies. He occasionally works with different local and international artists as a performer, choreographer, and dramaturg. In addition to his own artistic practice, he also develops projects with his partner Otto Krause. He lives in Vienna and presents his solo works and collaborative projects in galleries and theaters and at festivals and symposia in Europe and Asia. (Text: Milan Loviška)