Katrin Hornek, Postdindustrial Creatures, 2022 (c) Katrin Hornek

Zuckergeschenk, hergestellt im Rahmen von Feierlichkeiten für Fabriksangestellte, Archiv "138 Jahre Zuckerfabrik", Foto: Karl Schubtschik

Katrin Hornek
Postindustrial Creatures, 2022–2023

Realization of the installation in 2023
Technical assistant: Bruno Szenk

48°22'24.8"N 16°50'09.4“E

For her artistic project that will be realized in 2023, Katrin Hornek will be transforming a bird watching station (a vogel.schau.platz) in Hohenau into an installation that lets visitors become part of a postindustrial landscape.
The most important types of local migratory birds will be featured as edible forms made of sugar, the basic material of which was manufactured at the former sugar factory in town (1867–2006). The factory had a lasting impact on the entire landscape and its ecosystem through the tons of sugar beet sludge that was a byproduct of the sugar manufacturing process. Over time, Hohenau became one of the most important international stopover sites for migratory birds in Austria because of the sludge basins. Since the factory closed in 2006, an attempt has been made to imitate the water cycle of sugar production in order to protect the artificial landscape and its newly created postindustrial life. Natural processes as well as the high water dynamics of the formerly uncontrolled flow of the March River are also being simulated.
As a starting point for this growing installation, the first migratory birds made of sugar will be handed out to visitors as a gesture in September 2022. (Katrin Hornek/Larry 3000)

Many thanks to the AURING Association (especially Ute Nüsken and Martin Rössler), Archiv 138 Jahre Zuckerfabrik (Archive 138 Years of the Sugar Factory) (especially Ernst Springer and Karl Schubtschik), and the Museum Hohenau an der March (especially Georg and Brigitte Semanek).

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