Christina Gruber, Shapeshifters, 2022

Christina Gruber, Shapeshifters, Flüsse und Steine, interaktive Audioskulptur und Intervention,

near bird ringing station
48.585953, 16.908201

Waltersdorf an der March,
in the Sandbergen
48.520343, 16.905865

»Shapeshifters deals with the act of listening and the multifaceted and branched history of rivers. Is it possible to tune our ears to our environments and give these more room again?
A small stone can be decisive for this: the otolith. This bio mineral is responsible for our sense of balance. The starting point for the formation of these crystals, which we humans share in common with fish, are often sedimentary rocks that appear in rivers in a dissolved form.
These stones also enable us to look into a river’s past. Paleontologists analyze the otoliths of fish to gain insight into the primordial era. The individual layers and rings of the stones make it possible to draw conclusions about the life of the fish and their living conditions. With sculptures in the shape of these otoliths, we can sound out the primordial ocean, alligators, and sturgeons in the riparian forest and banks of the March River together.« (Christina Gruber)

Educational program with Christina Gruber:

Shapeshifers, listening session, as part of the performance program of the opening, September 17, 2022.

For the opening, we will enter the transitional zones between land and water through our sense of hearing in a short listening session guided by the artist Christina Gruber. With the help of sculptures in the form of otoliths that you can take home with you, we will go on a journey into the primordial ocean and the wetlands, where we will follow the schools of fish that once swam here, and the streams that shape the landscape today.

Bicycle tours
October 1, 2022, 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
October 8, 2022, 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
“Embodiment – Listening to the Rivers”
The artist Christina Gruber invites you to join her on a cycling tour along the March River to become more familiar with the transitional zone between land and water. Participants will test techniques of critical hearing and activate their own otoliths.
Meeting point: Verein Auring, Forsthausgasse 33, 2273 Hohenau an der March
Maximum number of participants: 15
Duration: Two to two-and-a-half hours
Route: Hohenau to Waltersdorf an der March, about 15 kilometers
Please bring your own bike and enough to drink.