© Ilona Németh, Grandstand 4, Greetings from Pohoda (Trenčín) for Bruce Nauman, 2016; Foto: Jakub Jančo

Ilona Németh
Grandstand 8, Greetings from Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf for Bruce Nauman, 2022

near Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf, south of the settling basin of the sugar factory in Hohenau
48.591164, 16.908288

Ilona Neméth’s work represents openness. Within her major project Grandstand, for which she has been using special grandstand elements on-site as readymades that she has placed either indoors or outdoors as sculptural manifestoes since 2012, Grandstand 8. Greetings from Bruce Nauman to Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf has a special status because it will remain accessible and visible on-site for the next three years. The second part of the poignant title refers to a small pencil drawing by Bruce Nauman that shows a grandstand consisting of two opposing concrete stair elements. The location chosen in Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf was a stretch along the Iron Curtain Trail that is situated between an embankment and an agricultural landscape and offers enough space for the large installation in the open border terrain. The monumental beauty of the two bleachers, which each have several rows and are located directly next to the bike path, is baffling to us because we do not expect it. The elements invite us to pause for a moment. Their use opens up new possibilities regarding how we approach sculpture, architecture, monuments, and social design. These grandstands provide a platform for thoughts about physical, natural, and geopolitical borders and how they can be overcome.