Land, Besitz und Commons

© Gisela Erlacher

Hannes Zebedin (7)
born 1976 in Lienz, lives in Vienna

Die Loos-Schleuse, 2021
Wood (530 x 198 cm), various materials

The Khuner Villa in the Semmering-Rax area is one of a kind. It is one of architect Adolf Loos’ last projects and is architecturally very distinct from the surrounding buildings. Loos applied his pioneering idea of the »Raumplan« (literally »spatial idea«)—thinking in spaces and cubes, and not in plans—in this house. In Hannes Zebedin’s installation on the Semmering’s legendary alpine golf course, he combines modernism with traditional forms. For this installation, he rebuilt part of the mansion’s front, letting it stand like a kind of rampart on the slope. The window shutter system, which he took from Loos’s country house, regulates »streams« through its movement, opening and closing like ariver lock. In light of how industrialized agriculture has caused the disappearance of alpine forms of farming, Zebedin pays homage to these bygone times with a radial formation of forgotten haystacks and hayracks in his installation.

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