Land, Besitz und Commons

© Gisela Erlacher

Inge Vavra (4)

Schlagschatten, 2021
Sculpture, iron (810 x 462 x 10 cm),
mirror (20 x 50 cm)

A shadow is cast over a meadow on the terrace of the Südbahnhotel, facing the valley. Remains of a wall reinforce the green slope, which is covered with plants and resembles a park. Inge Vavra’s work Schlagschatten (Cast Shadow) is a construction made of square bars basedon historic garden labyrinths and foundations of Baroque buildings.

Through her work, which is in the form of a quote and whose unusual materials mark a historical difference, the wall is transformed into a kind of backdrop.
A mirror is attached to the foundational construction, reflecting the surroundings in an anecdotal way. In the background, we see the soft yellow color of the hotel’s front. The image is determined by our perspective.

Depending on whether we are looking at it from above or below, the constant elements begin to alter and change places. New spaces emerge in the grass, the sky is beneath our feet, and the surroundings are detached from their origins.

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