Land, Besitz und Commons
© Gisela Erlacher

Mikhail Tolmachev (9)
born 1983 in Moscow, lives in Leipzig

Wo wir stehen – weit entfernt (Where we stand – far away), 2021
2 sound installations with dialogue at the observation platforms on Hochstraße (the panoramic road), 5 min.

We look through a window that we can only see in our mind. It could be anywhere where there are meadows, mountains, and roads. Our eyes scan the landscape, following the serpentine road. The view we see is different from the one we hear. In Mikhail Tolmachev’s sound installation, he describes images without pictures. His words let us see a different landscape unfolding. His work addresses how the understanding of nature has changed and become manifested in the landscape. This nature was made—everything was made at some point—but now it appears as if it has grown naturally. On his »Vienna balcony,« the different views from windows begin to correspond with each other, creating a new view in our minds.

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