Land, Besitz und Commons

© Gisela Erlacher

Laure Prouvost (6)
born 1978 in Croix, lives in Antwerp
Wantee, 2013
HD Video, 14 min. 23 sec.

We see a dark, muddy room. Used dishes have been left on the table; tea was served long ago. Paintings hang on the walls of this room that time has befallen, like a faded photograph. This is the living room of a grandfather who never existed—a grandfather who was a conceptual artist and close friend of Kurt Schwitters’, according to Laure Prouvost’s description of her video work Wantee. The name of the video refers to Schwitters’ companion »Wantee,« whose nickname is derived from her habit of forever offering tea. The grandfather’s last conceptual idea was to dig a tunnel from his living room to Africa. He dug and dug, until one day, he disappeared without a trace. Through associative chains of images, the film sketches an intimate story that does not rely on real facts. It explores the reception of art over time, the loss of control that this entails, and how artists’ biographies are constructed. Facts and fiction melt into an alternative reality in this living room.

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