Land, Besitz und Commons
© Gisela Erlacher

Taus Makhacheva (14)
born 1983 in Moscow, lives in Moscow

Tightrope, 2015
Video with color, sound 58 min. 10 sec.
Semmering train station, signaling room

A tightrope walker inches forward over a gorge on a rope between the tips of two rocks. From a distance, it looks as if he is hovering in mid-air. Instead of a balancing pole or a railing, he uses artworks to maintain his balance. In the Caucasus highlands, the works are transported from one side to the other. They are framed and stacked, as if in a storage unit without walls. The video Tightrope by Taus Makhacheva addresses the cultural changes in the Republic of Dagestan—in its art institutions, and collections—by referring to the old Dagestani tradition of tightrope walking. Similar geographical formations can be found in the Semmering, with its rock ledges. As a backdrop, the area thus engages in a conversation with the tightrope walker, letting us imagine that, after leaving the frame of the video, he continues his walk in the Semmering. What could he use for balancing here?

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