Land, Besitz und Commons

© Gisela Erlacher

Volatilität, 2021, 3-tägige Installation am Eisteich

Zhanna Kadyrova (5)/(8)
1981 born in Brovary, lives in Kiev

(5) Second Hand, 2020
Ceramic tiles, 80 x 69 x 10 cm
(8) Volatility, 2021
B/W Photographs
The temporary installation will be visible for three days, from July 24 to 26, at the water reservoir near Hotel Panhans

A towel can be seen hanging over a handrail in the venerable jewel of a swimming pool from the 1930s inside the Südbahnhotel. The towel, which is a light blue color with small details, seems to be frozen in movement. Made out of tiles taken from the Grössling Bath in Bratislava, the towel lends them a new form. Not only is the towel frozen in time, the balloons in the artist’s installation Volatility (8) also cannot rise. They can only hover above the water reservoir in a static formation. Because the Ukrainian artist’s two fragile sculptures located in different places are visible to each other from a distance, this creates a spatial relationship between them. While the »Second Hand« (5) installation is permanent, the helium-filled balloons are temporary and can only be viewed live on the day of the opening and the following two days, after which they will continue to exist only in photographs. Before they disappear, however, visitors can observethe balloons at a distance from various perspectives. The two abstract works focus on aspects of perception—something which they share in common with the Silberschlössl castle. The castle, which Viktor Silberer, a Viennese pioneer of aeronautics, had built as a home on the highest point of the Semmering, can be seen from the works below, creating a historical context that manifests itself in the landscape.

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