Land, Besitz und Commons

© Gisela Erlacher

Anna Daučíková (12)
born 1950 in Bratislava, lives in Prague

In the Interstices, 2021
Two-channel video projection, loop, 5 min 55 sec

At one point, these rooms were full of life and the halls were teeming with people, all ruled by decorum. In her video essay, Anna Daučíková explores the now empty Südbahnhotel. She takes
stories from the past and develops them into current fantasies of a »queer invasion.« Bringing these silent rooms back to life, bodies have become fluid, just like the rooms through which they move. The permanence of binary genders begins to slip, creating a permeable structure that breaks with the dominant silence, accepting another language. Well-worn spatial politics, behaviors, and norms are left behind. Through their bodies, these new guests explore the progressive thinking found in old pictures and ideas of the past, mixing and performing motifs from sports, Polynesian men dancing, icons of art history, heathen myths, and Ashtanga yoga, thus lending the old images a new form and making them fluid.

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