Land, Besitz und Commons
© Gisela Erlacher

Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan (2)
born 1977 in Constanta and 1978 Kézdivásárhely, live in Bucharest and Vienna

No Shelter From the Storm, 2015
HD Video, 5 min. 42 sec.

This film, which was made in the Carpathian Mountains, which is one of the last primeval forests in Europe. We can see felled trees, traces of destruction, and fallen branches, all in black and white. The artists walk through the damaged forest area in a mountainous landscape, accompanied by the often covered melody of »Where Have All the Flowers Gone?,« an anti-war protest song written by Pete Seeger in the 1960s. The song, which hovers above the treetops like a commentary, is based on a folk song of the Don Cossacks and is mentioned in Mikhail Sholokhov’s novel And Quiet Flows the Don from 1928. The video, which was made in the border area between Rumania and the post-soviet country of Ukraine while an armed conflict was raging there, also addresses how multinational corporations affect nature globally.

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