Land, Besitz und Commons

© Gisela Erlacher

Abdul Sharif Baruwa (11)
born 1975 in London, lives in Vienna

Wohin das Auge fällt (Wherever You Look), 2021
Installation, various materials

After many sketches, the perspective changes, but the place and the form remain. Abdul Sharif Baruwa works with what he finds on site—with what he notices. He begins with painterly sketches that replace each other, are stacked, and ultimately permeate each other. He creates ideas that are later manifested in a spatial form. It is almost as if we are watching someone think, but after the thoughts already occurred to them, if this were possible. Loose lines are embedded in the landscape, like mental branches that become more and more interconnected. The artist’s personal history, his biography, is not left out in this process. Rather, it forms the sculptures that closely relate to his own life, while inspiring many different possible interpretations. Influenced by his own subjectivity, Sharif Baruwa’s reactions to visual perspectives, simple gestures, and small moments that are often overlooked are located somewhere between a sculpturaland painterly approach.

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