© Rosa Rendl, REJECTION, Kunstraum Weikendorf, 2019, Foto: Wolfgang Woessner

rosa rendl


In her exhibition at the Kunstraum Weikendorf, artist Rosa Rendl, who lives in Vienna, shows large-format wall and floor carpets, each with a term in the Have rapport as a pattern. Emotional states, psychological ascriptions, emotional states, tensions. The words Rejection - the title of the exhibition - Opportunity, Fear, Response and Ego Acting
personal meaning and connections for the viewer. In addition, photographs of interiors are placed on the carpets, which together suggest a stylized living situation. The identifiable privacy of the photographs on the page and the large-scale and ad-supported graphics of the carpets on the other hand bring up dualisms such as privacy and publicity, inside and outside, closeness and distance.



* temporary project

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