© Maruša Sagadin, Treppe-Bühne-Tribüne. Der liegende Abdruck., Göpfritz an der Wild, 2019, Foto: Wolfgang Woessner

maruša sagadin

der liegende abdruck.

For several years, Gerhard Schneider, section office of the fire department history, strives to recycle the history of about 16 forgotten fire departments of the military training area Döllersheim (now Allentsteig). In the course of a loaded competition of Kunst im öffentlichen Raum the forgotten fire brigades should be kept a souvenir. Maruša Sagadin extended the idea of the monument into the present and erected a kind of tribune, which not only reminds of the individual groups, but also refers to the numerous fields of application. Above all, the artistic intervention makes the site in the volunteer fire department a new meeting place and provides different uses of the space.

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