© Leo Schatzl "PLATTFORM", Ybbsitz, 2018

leo schatzl


Leo Schatzl’s installation next to the Haus des Lebens (whose name translates as the House of Life) in Ybbsitz is an open platform that can be used in different ways and perceived from various perspectives. Its pure architectural form is that of a stage, a meeting place, or a place to sit quietly, while its immaterial function is to provide a space, suspended over the creek, for intellectual freedom outside of the everyday life of the town. As a sculpture, it merges these material and immaterial levels together to symbolize many things. You can meet people there, or you can embark on an imaginary journey (naturally only in the sense of a fictional romantic idea of seafaring) and leave Ybbsitz, this small town in Lower Austria with a rich tradition of forging (forging in Ybbsitz is on the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage), sailing out into the wide world, only to return again at the end of the trip.

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