Ramesch Daha, "06.04.1945", Krems Stein, 2018 Foto: Vincent Entekhabi

ramesch daha


On 6 April 1945, units of the Waffen-SS, Wehrmacht and SA, with the active assistance of local Nazi officials, murdered hundreds of mostly political prisoners who had just been released from the Stud House, as well as the director and threee prison guards. Ramesch Daha counters this unbelievable crime with the fact of a simple enumeration that fully senses the extent of the human catastrophe. She transferred fragments of the Prisoners´Register form 1944 and 1945 to the wall of the prison in a more than 100-meter-long mural painting. the individual pages of the register listing detainees at the detention center appear as well as oversized blueprints.
(Cornelia Offergeld)

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