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lazar lyutakov


For Lazar Lyutakov’s project for the nursing home in Türnitz, he developed a scenario that addresses both the functional and the aesthetic needs of the residents, while also referring to the key themes of his artistic work. The artist’s design for the garden is an overall composition based on the interplay between free and geometric forms. Five objects made of stainless steel arch over the paths, functioning as rose trellises, but without their classical appearance. Lyutakov modelled them on luggage trolleys like the ones we know from large hotels. Each arch refers to a different model, and through their formal references and obvious functionality, they are ideally suited for evoking different associations and mental images. Regardless of whether they make us think of vacations or luxurious holidays, or things like sports equipment (walkers have also been mentioned), or whether we only see their function, or regard them as minimalist sculptures, they let us revel in self-reflection. The paths and plants that were chosen together with the landscape architect Milena Georgieva are as important as the individual sculptures. Depending on our perspective, looking through the arches and paths creates various, sometimes overlapping views. The space becomes a stage that opens up in different directions: Lyutakov regards his garden installation as a kind of choreography that is subject to changes in nature and is centered around the rose. Each sculpture represents a different kind of rose, reflecting certain criteria like growth and appearance.
Lazar Lyutakov is a passionate observer of people and their relationship to things. In his ready-mades and installations, he explores the notions of function, form and norm, value, materiality, as well as the immaterial meaning of objects, all the while keeping one eye on the bigger picture, as is the case with his sculptures camouflaged as rose arches and/or luggage trolleys in hotels. After all, “We are all only guests,” says the artist.