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heidi schatzl

the examined life/das geprüfte leben

THE EXAMINED LIFE / DAS GEPRÜFTE LEBEN. The Manuscripts of Ernst F. Brod: A 20th Century Autobiography).
Temporary installation for ERLAUF ERINNERT
When Ernst F. Brod (1901–1978) died, he left behind a 2,000-page manuscript in which he writes much about his hometown of Erlauf, Austria. Brod left Austria in 1934 and later became a US citizen. In his memoirs, he not only draws a picture of an increasingly brutalized society during the first half of the 20th century; he also describes the moments of solidarity that he experienced in spite of this. The artist Heidi Schatzl transformed the memoirs into a room-filling installation for ERLAUF ERINNERT that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the story of Brod's life.



* temporary project

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