josef schwaiger , rainbow

josef schwaiger

rainbow's end

Josef Schwaiger added another level to the roundabout in St. Valentin with a work that oscillates poetically between technology, function, and aesthetics. Encircling the roundabout is a steel ring that functions as a formal and material extension of a common guardrail, but which has been coated with an interference paint to create a "color travel" effect that evokes mobility and movement. Depending on their trajectory when passing by, viewers notice how the colors shift from silver to gold to green to turquoise to violet. In his design, Josef Schwaiger also took into account the different access points to the roundabout by creating a slight tilt that offers different points of view, depending on viewers’ routes of entry and departure. For example, "Rainbow’s End" can be viewed in full when approaching the roundabout from Ennsdorf, but when approaching from Strengberg, part of the object slowly disappears then becomes visible again when continuing on.