feld72, ticket office
 feld72, ticket office
 feld72, ticket office
 feld72, ticket office
 feld72, ticket office



ticket office

The theme of the new ticket office visibly reflects the space’s particular function. The large glass windows welcome visitors into the interior, which is characterized by a curtain evoking a stage-like atmosphere. From the outside looking in, visitors seem to become accidental performers in the theater of everyday life.
The area in front of the office has also been redesigned to support this double function with rotating chairs that resemble theater seats and act as multifunctional urban furniture. Visitors can change the constellation of the chairs to make them face the center of the square, each other, or the "stage" of the ticket office.

Equipped with posters on the back, the chairs also act as mini billboards for various cultural institutions, gathering layers of history over time. The distinct projecting roof is meant as a “moveable awning” that creates delicate shadows of the names of the Lower Austrian cultural institutions on the square. Altogether, the ensemble becomes a stage on which everyday life plays out, where the line between audience members and performers becomes fluid. (feld72)

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