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leo schatzl

let's sink

In the last three years, Leo Schatzl has been increasingly fascinated by life on the water, especially the Danube harbor in Linz. He is a participant in Donautics, a loosely associated group based in Linz interested in expanding autarkic space for art. They are connected by their common interest in buoyant objects of all kinds. Floating Village is a work of his in progress devoted to exploring the relationship between water as a public good and its appropriation — and therefore implicitly, its misappropriation. This aspect is one of the central philosophical cornerstones of Schatzl’s artist in residency project at the Wellenklaenge Festival 2013, entitled Let’s Sink (Floating Village #3). Tellingly, the original title of the project was “I Sink Therefore I Am”, a play on the words of René Descartes, cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am). Although Schatzl definitely does not claim to know where the fundament of knowledge begins, he does invite us to ponder one mainstay of Cartesian thought, that of doubt about our own existence.



* temporary project