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martin & werner feiersinger, WagramFenster
martin & werner feiersinger, WagramFenster
martin & werner feiersinger, WagramFenster

martin & werner feiersinger



The dialogue between architecture and sculpture is one of the most exciting phenomena in art. The brothers Martin Feiersinger (an architect) and Werner (a sculptor) Feiersinger tapped into this creative energy to create their installation located in the town of Königsbrunn am Wagram. Their WagramFenster (WagramWindow) is a stage suited for performances by the local choir or concert band, or it can also be used for wine tastings or theater performances. It is a walk-in sculpture located on a plateau on the outskirts of the village, where visitors can enjoy the view looking out over barn roofs at the wide-open countryside stretching all the way to the Danube. The Feiersingers designed this free standing pavilion located in the midst of vineyards on a ledge in the landscape in the style of a generic rural building, while its unique shape easily identifies it as a new meeting place visible from far away. The concept of the loggia as a transitional space between outside and inside and the shell-shaped canopy complement one another harmoniously. With its radiant white color, the WagramFenster reminds us of the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park in New York, or the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Through its ideal joining of artistic discourse with an architectural program, it will continue to enrich the spatial experience and aesthetic sensibility of the people of Königsbrunn.
(Brigitte Huck)

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