Fotos © Stefan Lux
Fotos © Stefan Lux
christoph meier, hier & jetzt/hic & hunc

christoph meier


hier & jetzt/hic & hunc

In celebration of laying the foundation stone of the Klosterneuburg monastery 900 years ago, "section.a" and Cosima Rainer were invited to propose artistic interventions in the monastery. As a result, visitors can now engage with contemporary art at ten key locations on the monastery’s grounds and inside the buildings – including the main monastery church, the Leopold chapel, the marble hall, and the wine cellar. The themes and forms of these site-specific projects explore various issues associated with the fascinating history of the monastery, which is considered to be one of the most important sites of cultural history in Austria.
(Katrina Petter)

Christoph Meier, "Ohne Titel" (Untitled)
We have to look hard in the monastery to find Christoph Meier’s work. Hidden away in the courtyard of the apothecary garden, we encounter a ten-meter high Ferris wheel designed by the artist. Meier is referring here to the tradition of the Leopoldi Fair, which has been celebrated in the monastery and the surrounding area since the seventeenth century as a way of commemorating the pilgrimage of the imperial court to Klosterneuburg. In addition to the many fair attractions, the so-called “Fasslrutschen” (sliding down the side of the monastery’s gigantic cask that holds roughly 56,000 liters) also has its traditional place in the celebrations. Sitting in a chair that rotates in a vertical circle in sync with other riders is the most abstract form of amusement Christoph Meier can imagine. He links obvious concepts – like community, encounter, and balance – with his use of language as a sculptural device. The exploration of the geometric and abstract vocabulary of forms and their performative and narrative potential is characteristic for Meier’s working method. This is reflected in the simple form of the circle, which in this case becomes loaded with the experience of exhilaration and community.
(Cosima Rainer)

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