Fotos © Stefan Lux
Fotos © Stefan Lux
manuel gorkiewicz, hier & jetzt/hic & hunc
manuel gorkiewicz, hier & jetzt/hic & hunc

manuel gorkiewicz


hier & jetzt/hic & hunc

In celebration of laying the foundation stone of the Klosterneuburg monastery 900 years ago, "section.a" and Cosima Rainer were invited to propose artistic interventions in the monastery. As a result, visitors can now engage with contemporary art at ten key locations on the monastery’s grounds and inside the buildings – including the main monastery church, the Leopold chapel, the marble hall, and the wine cellar. The themes and forms of these site-specific projects explore various issues associated with the fascinating history of the monastery, which is considered to be one of the most important sites of cultural history in Austria.
(Katrina Petter)

Manuel Gorkiewicz, "Ohne Titel" (Untitled)
The architectural intervention by Manuel Gorkiewicz consists of silver PVC foil pennant strings of the kind we commonly see at car dealerships. Forming a temporary ornament, the foil connects seven distinct points of the monastery: from the former canonesses’ church, to the Baroque dome modeled after the emperor’s crown. Like an oversized thread, Gorkiewicz ties together the stylistically heterogeneous buildings of the monastery, which has continued to expand and be remodeled since the twelfth century. The intervention creates a sense of bewilderment through its merging of a geometric order with a decorative and mundane material used frequently in suburban areas. Manuel Gorkiewicz prefers to work with the aesthetics of industrially produced materials like streamers, lanterns, and other decorative elements, which are often associated with celebrations and decorations. By giving the original materials unusual dimensions and forms associated with art history, he creates baffling ambiguities and decontextualizes objects in art and the public space.
(Cosima Rainer)

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