marlene und lina streeruwitz, Stitched.<br />Mixed-media project by Marlene and Lina Streeruwitz<br />

marlene und lina streeruwitz

Mixed-media project by Marlene and Lina Streeruwitz

The mixed-media work that Marlene and Lina Streeruwitz conceived and actualized for the entrance area of Haus 4 of the Lower Austrian government complex (photography: Christian Wachter) affects the viewer as being as subdued in its aesthetic reduction of color and form as it is assertive of strong presence by virtue of its mere size and of the verbal statement that it bears. On a monochrome surface of 1.8 m x 3 m, a sentence is crystallized in the middle, in the upper right and lower left corners wild animals are seen fleeing towards the edges of the picture. The discrepancy between withdrawal and projection, fading and emerging, space and surface, concentration and disparity, creates both tension and irritation, which pervade the work in all its structures, catching the eye and making the viewer/reader pause, puzzled, as if she or he has just fallen out of the prevailing continuum.

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