hieslmair michael / zinganel michael, geteilte zuversicht
 hieslmair michael / zinganel michael, geteilte zuversicht
 hieslmair michael / zinganel michael, geteilte zuversicht

hieslmair michael / zinganel michael


geteilte zuversicht

In 2011 a site-specific art project was organised for the fourth time in the community of Reinsberg. Iris Andraschek and Hubert Lobnig invited six artists, or teams of artists, to participate who reacted very differently to the local situation. The village was at the artists' disposal together with its residents, its history and stories, its celebrations, institutions, forms of organisation, farming and firms, the kindergarten, the school, the outdoor bathing facility, the voluntary fire brigade, the local associations, clubs and societies, the cultural events held in the castle ruins, and the production and marketing of organic produce. The artists had specific focuses to their work and had been specially selected for the Reinsberg project. The project was based in the former Gruber department store in the centre of Reinsberg, and presented interventions in public space from 27 August.
Geteilte Zuversicht (Divided confidence) is an ambiguous title, and alludes to a special feeling of viewing the present accompanied by expectations for the future, to widespread suspicion of and great scepticism towards a constantly changing world. However the title also asks whether confidence can be shared.
Since the early 1990s Reinsberg has been deeply and repeatedly involved in the setting-up and realisation of culture projects and an improvement and re-evaluation of the village driven by the invention of new images (Eisenstrasse, Ötscherland, Kulturdorf — Iron Ore Road, Ötscher land, Cultural Village). Nevertheless in recent years a number of local residents have been lobbying to return Reinsberg to the status of a 'normal' village.

Michael Hieslmair/Michael Zinganel "NEVER WALK ALONE"
(Trophy and mobile stand on Reinsberg sports ground)
Hieslmair and Zinganel addressed the communities and communal property in Reinsberg, in concrete terms the local football club, Hobby Club Reinsberg, whose small but very popular grounds with a football pitch, as well as many moveable items of property in the possession of the various Reinsberg clubs. The work consisted of two offerings: the "artistically exaggerated" Wanderpokal (Trophy) is, at 1.6 metres tall, far too big to be placed on a shelf or in somebody's sitting room. It was standing on the flat roof of the Reinsberg Hobby Club clubhouse until the tournament in early 2012— then it began touring from one winning team to the next. The mobile segment of stands was parked on the sports field, and could be taken along to away games or even lent out to other football clubs.


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