société réaliste, bertha von suttner
 société réaliste, bertha von suttner

société réaliste


bertha von suttner

A syntax of the border unfolds in the two billboards LIMES New Roman and Die Zukunft ist die Fortsetzung der Vergangenheit unter Einbeziehung anderer Mittel (The Future is a Continuation of the Past by Other Means), 2009, by the Paris based artist duo Société Réaliste (Jean-Baptiste Naudy and Ferenc Grof). The artists used a self-invented alphabet for the quotation, the cryptographic LIMES New Roman, in which they used the lines of borders for the letters. The idea is based on the Utopiensium Alphabetum by the former law student Thomas More, and forms a referential system for the many historical and current borders that is both literal and metaphorical — from the limes of the Roman Empire via the iron curtain and the Berlin Wall to the barriers in Belfast, Macao etc. The encrypted quotation in the analemmatic form is a reference to the frequently used sentence ascribed to the military theorist Carl von Clausewitz: "War is a continuation of political relations by other means".

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