isa  rosenberger / maja ajević , Bertha von Suttner Revisited

isa rosenberger / maja ajević


Bertha von Suttner Revisited

Isa Rosenberger and the Sarajevo born artist Maja Bajevic address the war in Yugoslavia in their works, showing the traumas and wounds of generations.
The three-part Women at Work cycle is a complex attempt to approach and engage with the Yugoslavian War for Maja Bajevic featuring refugee Bosnian women. The locations are the scaffolding erected for the rebuilding of the National Gallery in Sarajevo (Under Construction, 1999), Château Voltaire in France (The Observers, 2000) and a Hamam in Istanbul (Washing Up, 2001). The women's handwork is transferred to different places and new contexts — washing ideological slogans from Tito in the Hamam until the clothing disintegrates. A group image results that is inspired by Frans Hals, and can also be read as an allusion to the failure of the Dutch security forces as UN observers in Srebrenica in July 1995.
Isa Rosenberger shows her research on the traumatised population in Sarajevo in the 30-minute video Sarajevo Guided Tours (2002).
A prologue shows TV excerpts from The Sarejevo Tunnel by Edis Kolar from the time of the besieging of Sarajevo in May 1992, before eight people that Rosenberger had met during a prolonged stay in Sarajevo in 2001 introduce eight places in the city. A different kind of guided tour is designed on the basis of their accounts that shows how life in the city is still marked by the images of siege and destruction. The individual sequences succeed one another like a tour of the city where Rosenberger pursues the question of how places are generated between city, history and individual viewpoints.

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