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thomas unterweg / stefan schmoll



Thomas Untersweg and Stefan Schmoll represented the principle of reproduction and dissemination with their work Lake[de]Lights. These were small lighting objects that could be taken from the public space into private space — colourful summer greetings from magnetic fireflies. The magnets with LED diodes were attached to the ramp of the lakeside stage. By day only visible as colourful dots, they made their host glow by night. The miniature sculptures, which glowed for up to three weeks, quickly vanished from their original location and were soon to be found in the town of Lunz and in private space, and as far afield as Vienna or Graz.

Erika Banyayova, Claudia Maria Cid Calderon,
Miriam Roseane Nascimento Duarte, Christian Fries
Barbara Heier, Stefanie Jehrlich,
David Krottmayer, Nina Kuess,
Hans Kupelwieser, Javier Rufat Lopez, Luka Murovec,
Antonia Nakova, Alexander Poschner, Anika Johanna Schaffer,
Stefan Schmoll, Barbara Sima, Michael Siesz,
Claudia Sohm, Barbara Steidl, Hanife Tepegöz,
Thomas Unterweg, Barbara Wölfl

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