nina kuess / david krottmayer / alexander poschner, PHYSICAL STATES

nina kuess / david krottmayer / alexander poschner



This work was also a quotation that alluded to the value of the water and its management in times of global water shortage, its examination and use: David Krottmayer, Nina Kuess and Alexander Poschner made a tree cry — a beautiful and poetic work on the grounds of the Lunz lakeside bathing facility, a Weinender Baum (Crying Tree) from the crown of which magical rain begins to sparkle in the sunshine: a fountain, a natural performance.

Erika Banyayova, Claudia Maria Cid Calderon,
Miriam Roseane Nascimento Duarte, Christian Fries
Barbara Heier, Stefanie Jehrlich,
David Krottmayer, Nina Kuess,
Hans Kupelwieser, Javier Rufat Lopez, Luka Murovec,
Antonia Nakova, Alexander Poschner, Anika Johanna Schaffer,
Stefan Schmoll, Barbara Sima, Michael Siesz,
Claudia Sohm, Barbara Steidl, Hanife Tepegöz,
Thomas Unterweg, Barbara Wölfl