erika banyayova / javier rufat lopez / luka murovec, PHYSICAL STATES

erika banyayova / javier rufat lopez / luka murovec



A beautiful project that engaged with the ecological technology involved with the work, the observation and research at and in the lake was the Hölzerne Insel (Wooden Island) by Erika Banyayova, Javier Rufat Lopez and Luka Murovec. The forested surroundings gather on the lake in heavy rain and storms in the form of driftwood. This artificial island put an end to the drifting. It collected the driftwood, having been pulled out to sea by boat and anchored on the lake bed. This island was visited as a place of shaded refuge during the summer by the juvenile fish and minnows. At the same time ducks and herons also used the island as a place to sleep and catch fish.

Erika Banyayova, Claudia Maria Cid Calderon,
Miriam Roseane Nascimento Duarte, Christian Fries
Barbara Heier, Stefanie Jehrlich,
David Krottmayer, Nina Kuess,
Hans Kupelwieser, Javier Rufat Lopez, Luka Murovec,
Antonia Nakova, Alexander Poschner, Anika Johanna Schaffer,
Stefan Schmoll, Barbara Sima, Michael Siesz,
Claudia Sohm, Barbara Steidl, Hanife Tepegöz,
Thomas Unterweg, Barbara Wölfl

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