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The project Schw[a]emme (Sponges/Watering Place) by Barbara Heier, Barbara Sima and Claudia Sohm found a suitable location between the trees on the shore of the lake. They played with the link between water and shore landscape: industrial fungus sucks up water like its natural namesake. A new form of life that has crawled from the bathroom into the wilderness. Basins that were kept running by the lake water climbed up the shoreside trees like fungus. The sculpture was powered by solar panels, as was Weinender Baum. The quantity of water involved varied according to the weather.

Erika Banyayova, Claudia Maria Cid Calderon,
Miriam Roseane Nascimento Duarte, Christian Fries
Barbara Heier, Stefanie Jehrlich,
David Krottmayer, Nina Kuess,
Hans Kupelwieser, Javier Rufat Lopez, Luka Murovec,
Antonia Nakova, Alexander Poschner, Anika Johanna Schaffer,
Stefan Schmoll, Barbara Sima, Michael Siesz,
Claudia Sohm, Barbara Steidl, Hanife Tepegöz,
Thomas Unterweg, Barbara Wölfl

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