© Nicole Six u. Paul Petritsch

six nicole & petritsch paul

Footnotes in the Landscape

Project for the preservation of a tumulus

The tumulus (burial mound) near Großmugl was not only recently heralded by astronomers as a great spot for stargazing, but more and more people have been wanting to make it a world heritage site, with the result that an increasing number of visitors have come to see the tumulus. Although it is an archeological monument and therefore protected,­ Archaeologists are now worried about visitors walking on top of it and that this is beginning to make it deteriorate. The text panels were to serve as footnotes in the landscape and focus on the visitors, helping to convey content to them. They were meant to explain to visitors that they should not climb the tumulus as a way of protecting it. The path to the tumulus would thus become a mindful experience and create a space to illustrate the multifarious connections between the tumulus, the landscape, and humans—everyone would be addressed.



* temporary project