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fatih aydogdu


life with a pre-design
a contribution to the commemorative year

The Treaty Room
"The new definition of the revaluation of cultural identity is inextricably linked to the process of globalisation. Nevertheless, the existing world order has been organised into a system of national states. Whereas in former times political philosophising/action was supported by the state as the outermost bracket of social circumstances, today it seems rather that it is a system of market circumstances, of transnational apparatuses of communication, of observation and of loans which constitutes that 'medium' and 'high' to which all those who are able to act must orient themselves. States have themselves become the executors of the 'imperative to exploit value'. In the process, the fact that development is moving in the direction of globalised localism is repressed and does not enter into people's awareness.
The initial pictures chosen by me show the space in which the State Treaty was signed, from two different social perspectives. I have employed them like two scenes from a film, so that the two levels meet at the most joyful moment. What is being said is left up to the imagination of the viewer." (Fatih Aydogdu)
Dramatic scenes in the case of Fatih Aydogdu. Fatih Aydogdu is above all well known for his critical analysis of the linguistic construction of national identity. The 'Bone of the Tongue' (Dilin Kemigi) is the title of an exhibition that Aydogdu designed together with Sandra Droschl and Norbert Pfaffenbichler for Diagonale 05. The title refers to the Turkish proverb 'The tongue has no bones' and is a polysemous reference to freedom of speech (dil = tongue, language).
In the work Speech he takes as his starting material a long-playing record for a language course from the 1970s, with the title 'Deutschpraktikum für Türken' (German Practice for Turks). "The pressure of linguistic assimilation is a further feature of ideology that is transported together with the language course," says Fatih Aydogdu. His work challenges people to question cultural assumptions, simplifications and demands on the linguistic level.
In his work 'Das Vertragszimmer' (The Treaty Room) he leaves us behind with two empty speech bubbles and some bar code strips. The cleaning personnel were present both before and after the signatory act. In the case of both pictures, it is a matter of legendary photographs of a historical event. There were lists of those present. The two women do not appear in it.