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jonathan quinn


Life with a Pre-Design
A Contribution to the Commemorative Year

"The Population seems restless, even when it has come to a standstill. At notable remarkable historical points in time the population seems to be unclear as to whether to go up the mountain or down it. How to go up or down? With constitution, economy, friendship, profession, everything? The relationships between legal entities are exactly the same as the relationships of individuals within the population. Is the population still the state? Has the notorious dissolution of the subject become a juristic issue?" (Thomas Raab)
It is kinetic Austria which Jonathan Quinn is interested in. The individual within the population becomes a racing Dervish polka, proceeding from a middle, the centre and developing into a never-ending dance of joy in red-white-and-red. Even in his early work ehnix (cos it's nothing anyway) (2001) he reconstructed with the simplest means, namely a piece of wire, objects for an interior. A local interior decoration, 'weil es ist ja eh nix', a designation that is frequently encountered in Austria for things that are actually significant. In at home (2004) the party becomes even more elegant. The spectators' attention and sensitivity is challenged by a set of furniture created with hardly visible fishing line which traces the outlines of pieces of furniture, held in place by the counterweight of a mass of chewing gum. "In this way the cocktail party comes to an end, the informal formality of home is presented with the exhibition as a past protective space. The production space for art becomes the museum."* Alles Walzer! ? the individuals have not taken their places on the fictive beds, but are dancing towards their notorious dissolution between the folds of the poster.
* Press text: Thomas Raab (kunstbureau kunsthalle 8 futuregarden, 2004)