eichinger oder knechtl, design for a chapel in haag

eichinger oder knechtl


design for a chapel in haag

The new chapel for Haag displays and protects three restored gothic sculptures while also being a free space, a place of relaxation and a space for meditation that also provides a landmark for the locality. The clear geometric shape of the building draws the visitor's attention to the art historically significant figures. The chapel is structured out of seven laser-cut metal plates. These prefabricated elements are quick and cheap to assemble. A light multicoloured coat of paint provides a comfortable tactile quality for the surface. Reinforced glass separates the historic figures from the outside world at the narrowest part of the chapel. This heat insulation of thin vacuum-sealed panels provides the interior of the walk-in showcase with the necessary thermal protection. The walls not directly in the visitor's line of sight have a layer of gold leaf to form mild reflectors for the daylight flooding in. The wall attracting the most attention, in front of which the figures stand, is blue. Even though the sculptures are different sizes the tops are all on the same level to highlight their quality as historical artefacts. A small aperture in the front part of the chapel opens to a view of the countryside while also providing seating. Visual and physical sustainability is aimed for in the choice of the shape, materials and details for the building.
(Christian Knechtl)