eichinger oder knechtl, noise barrier in krems-landersdorf

eichinger oder knechtl


noise barrier in krems-landersdorf

There were the givens: a longish apartment building with 227 apartments, two square blow-out towers (2 x 2 x 12 m) of a basement garage, the elevated Franz-Josef train line Vienna – Krems. The main goal behind the construction of the 12 x 15 meter wide glass metal object was to separate visual and acoustic information, completion and outlook, a focused view, change in spatial depth, associations with sail, monitor, flag, lightness and transparence. A stainless steel construction has been suspended between both of the concrete towers; it supports the 14 blue and 13 transparent glass sheets. Steps on which one can sit between the two concrete towers create a forum leading to the residential street, accommodating the intake holes of the garage ventilation system.
(Eichinger oder Knechtl)

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