andreas fogarasi, grand summer on the thaya4 art projects in drosendorf
andreas fogarasi, grand summer on the thaya4 art projects in drosendorf

andreas fogarasi


grand summer on the thaya4 art projects in drosendorf

An initiative around the town wall of Drosendorf provided the impulse to address this feature in the local urban fabric as the starting point for an art project in public space. Here the original wish to network with other walled communities in Lower Austria played as much of a role as current issues addressing tourism, leisure activities and appropriate marketing strategies that many towns in Lower Austria have to consider. A predominately commercially oriented positioning is often accompanied by a dedication to culture that can lead to the creation of an event culture just as much as it can counter it. So, too, in Drosendorf the question of a tourism bonus was raised and provided the four artists' projects with premises that allowed a multi-perspectived treatment of historic architecture in a current, interdisciplinary context. All of the projects were specially developed for Drosendorf, and employed locally oriented practices to reflect both Drosendorf's treatment of historic substance as well as a broader contemporary context.

In his project Planning Library, Andreas Fogarasi conducted research on the town, which is characterised by event culture and urban design and has itself adopted the status of a commercial enterprise, one which operates to promote tourism and increase profits. One of his posters was called 'CULTURE PARK', which is based on the formal analysis of social problems. It addresses this perception of political cultural phenomena in a controlled experiential world, which Fogarasi frequently discusses and employs in installations as models. In Drosendorf he reacted to the situation which had been alluded to with Marco Lulic's lettering 'MUSEUM', filling empty an pavilion with new contents. The pavilion stemmed from the 1990s and was originally a showcase for cars. The community wanted to give it a new function, and the 'Planning Library' was a first step in this direction. The small round structure was fitted out with flooring, light and those minimalist elements typical of Fogarasi's work. His theme here recently was that of the town, or town/country, which he did not however approach with the usual clichéd view, using a library instead to open the subject up to public discussion.
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