lois weinberger, project for the lower austrian landesmuseum in st. pölten

lois weinberger

project for the lower austrian landesmuseum in st. pölten

Lois Weinberger selected a place to establish a plant reserve in the sculpture park of the Lower Austrian Landesmuseum. "The space intended as the garden is densely filled with colourful plastic containers. These are filled with soil / according to the pannonic space / the planting is left to the wind / the birds / the seeds already existing in the earth.'With time' – seen as an integral aspect of time – the containers will dissolve, becoming visible only as colourful splitters on the solid – overgrown – flat surface. The shallow layer of soil on concrete regulates the height, and to some extent the type of vegetation itself – a work / which does not allow an idyllic place to come into being and which is constantly changing." (Lois Weinberger)

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