andrea van der straeten, perimeter
andrea van der straeten, perimeter

andrea van der straeten



The perimeter of a (mathematical) figure is its extent, describing an arena for activity. This was the town of Waidhofen, which is understood as a spatial-social system of relationships and, physically measured as urban space, links the conceptual and the imaginary. In individual places the six projects intervened in what happened in the town that was in many ways the starting point and the theme being addressed. For the concrete site-specifity addressed a process of history and participation, because our spaces were often empty but one's memory is full and alive. To this extent, the individual projects reintroduced space for activity whether as a model, idealistically or in real terms.

"Haus der Kälte" (The House of Cold)
The history of Waidhofen as a film centre was worked into the presentation of the story behind Andrea van der Straeten's film 'Haus der Kälte' (House of Cold), to be read every week in 'Boten von der Ybbs' (The Ybbs Messenger) throughout the run of the exhibition. Posters around the town drew attention to the film.